Safe transport of liquefied gases with centrifugal pumps

The handling of liquefied gases makes high demands on the pump technology. EDUR centrifugal pumps do meet all requirements for the reliable transport of liquefied gases.

Centrifugal pumps play a key role in the transport, storage and bottling of liquefied gases. Due to their special characteristics, EDUR centrifugal pumps are indispensable in the distribution process of liquefied gases – from the producer to the consumer: they are used both for loading and for unloading vehicles such as tankers, bobtail trucks or tank wagons in order to transport the liquefied gases safely away from the production site. The liquefied gases are often transported to intermediate storage facilities first, where they are further processed by means of liquefied gas pumps and then distributed to consumers via dealers.

Figure 1: Use of EDUR centrifugal pumps within the distribution process of liquefied gas

Typical demands on the pumps are the safe supply of liquid-gas mixtures, the control of outgassing and vapor pressure fluctuations as well as increasingly high pump efficiencies. Other important challenges are, for example, the installation conditions often being quite critical or the request for low-noise pump solutions.

In recent years, numerous terminal, truck or bottling pumps from EDUR have been successfully placed on the market meeting these requirements, which have also been individually adapted to the needs of the customer, like all EDUR centrifugal pumps.

EDUR liquefied gas pumps do handle liquefied gases in a controlled and safe way even at large pressure differences. They are ATEX-compliant and have low NPSH values. Due to their optimized pump hydraulics, the pumps achieve high efficiency and therefore are particularly energy-efficient and low-noise. In addition, compared to many side channel pumps, the centrifugal pumps are convincing due to their lower weight and more compact design at comparable performance.

The product portfolio of EDUR-Pumpenfabrik includes various series for the transport of liquefied gases, which are suitable for temperature ranges from -50° Celsius to +110° Celsius at flow rates up to 170m³/h and a maximum operating pressure of 40 bar. The ideal pump selection and design is carried out by specialized engineers.

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