Reliable Operation of Centrifugal Pumps in Cooling Systems

EDUR offers refrigerant and coolant pumps for primary and secondary circuits of refrigeration systems

EDUR has been developing and building centrifugal pumps for cooling systems for decades. The pumps from Germany have already become an indispensable component for reliable cooling circuits, because they are not only designed for high loads and extreme temperature ranges: They are individually adapted to the customer’s requirements and ensure a high level of safety, reliability and efficiency.

With a wide range of refrigerant and coolant pumps EDUR offers pump solutions for both primary and secondary circuits of refrigeration systems.

Refrigerant pumps are used for the conveyance of natural and synthetic refrigerants. To protect the environment resp. humans and animals, EDUR refrigerant pumps are therefore hermetically sealed by means of magnetic couplings to exclude leakages into the atmosphere. Furthermore, refrigerants are conveyed at their boiling point, which can result in certain gas contents in the conveyed medium. These gas contents are also reliably handled by EDUR refrigerant pumps. To avoid heat entering the conveyed medium, motor and pump are separated from each other. This has a positive impact on the energy balance of the system. The pumps are designed with open impellers without axial thrust or closed balanced impellers and diffuser devices in the circular casing, thus having a positive influence on the service life of the magnetic coupling.

Coolant pumps, on the other hand, are used to convey non-critical media such as water-glycol mixtures to the target application in the secondary circuit.
Both refrigerant pumps and coolant pumps can be supplied with an icing protection for very low temperatures of the conveyed medium. This prevents damage caused by freezing condensation water. Both pump types also impress with very high efficiencies, low NPSH values and low-pulsation conveyance of the medium. EDUR refrigerant pumps are designed as single-stage or multi-stage pump units in the series NMB, LBM and NHM. They handle flow rates of up to 600 m³/h at temperatures down to -50 °C and a maximum casing pressure of 40 bar. Coolant pumps from EDUR are available in the series NUB, LUB, LBU and CB as single-stage or multi-stage units. They are used, for example, for conveying, Ammonia, brine, water-glycol mixtures or cooling water at a flow rate of up to 600 m³/h. The temperature range extends to a minimum of -50 °C and a maximum casing pressure of 40 bar. EDUR engineers are available for optimal design.

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