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Author: Allan TAN

EDUR multiphase technology – Innovating applications

The EDUR multiphase technology is well established in the process of dissolved air flotation worldwide and has brought significant advantages to the water treatment industry. Transferring those to other applications EDUR has successfully proven the benefits of its technology within other markets. The company believes that there are even more opportunities for the use of

Reliable Operation of Centrifugal Pumps in Cooling Systems

EDUR offers refrigerant and coolant pumps for primary and secondary circuits of refrigeration systems EDUR has been developing and building centrifugal pumps for cooling systems for decades. The pumps from Germany have already become an indispensable component for reliable cooling circuits, because they are not only designed for high loads and extreme temperature ranges: They

Safe transport of liquefied gases with centrifugal pumps

The handling of liquefied gases makes high demands on the pump technology. EDUR centrifugal pumps do meet all requirements for the reliable transport of liquefied gases. Centrifugal pumps play a key role in the transport, storage and bottling of liquefied gases. Due to their special characteristics, EDUR centrifugal pumps are indispensable in the distribution process

Multiphase Pumps for Gassing Liquids or Gas Enrichment

Typically, liquids need to be enriched with gases, liquid-gas mixtures are to be transported or gassing liquids are to be handled safely. Under such requirements, the known non-selfpriming centrifugal pumps either fail or do not enable safe operation. The failures here are mainly caused by the design of the impeller. As the gas content increases,

EDUR-Multiphase Pumps for Innovative Hydrogen Technologies

With the adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS), the German government has opened up the opportunity for the German mechanical and plant engineering industry to become a global pioneer in the development of modern energy systems. The pump technology used is a matter of some significance in production, storage and use of hydrogen. However,

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